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How to Install OpenJDK on Windows

This java tutorial will show you how to install openJDK on windows. The version that you will see how to install is openJDK 14 and the windows version is windows 10. So in affect you will see how to install openJDK 14 on windows 10.

To begin you will first download the open JDK files to your PC. Next you will extract the files from the ZIP directory. Next you will copy the openJDK files to your Program files. Next you will show how to add Java to the windows Path.

Next you will see how to set JAVA_HOME environment variable. Finally you will see how to check the installed Java version.

How to install JDK on Windows

This tutorial will show you how to install JDK on windows. The version of windows we are using is windows sever 2016 although the process should be much the same for all versions of windows.

Step 1

Navigate to the oracle site by clicking on the below URL.


Step 2

Click to accept the licence and select the 64 bit windows installer to download.

Step 3

When the install downloads double click it. On the screen the appears click next

Step 4

Click next again

Step 5

Confirm the install folder and click next.

JDK will then install, when it’s completed you will see a screen similar to the one below.


A full video tutorial can be found below: