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How to create a drop down menu in Excel

This short tutorial will show you how to create a drop down menu in Excel. The Drop down menu will allow you to ensure that only the correct data gets entered into a field.

In this example we want to ensure that the end user can only enter the following information into a selection of cells

  1. On Time
  2. Late
  3. Early
  4. Cancelled.

Step 1

Enter the the options for your drop down menu in cells in your workbook. in Our case we entered them in column M.

Step 2 

Now highlight the cells you want to have the drop down menu in and click Data.

Step 3

Click data Validation and data validation again

Step 4

In the box that appears select List

Step 5

Click into the Source menu box and then highlight the values that you want to be in your drop down menu, in our case M2 to M5. Then click ok

Step 6

Your Drop down options should now appear:

A full video tutorial ca be found here: