How to Setup CentOS 7 on AWS

This tutorial will show you how to create a CentOS 7 instance on AWS. We assume that you already have you AWS account created and that you are logged in already.

Step 1

Click Services and then EC2

Step 2

Click Launch Instance

Step 3

  • Click AWS Marketplace
  • Search for CentOS
  • Select the top result – CentOS7

Step 4

Click Continue

Step 5

Select your machine type and click Next Configure Instance details. In our case we will select the t2.micro instance as it is free tier eligible.

Step 6

Change Auto-assign public IP to Enable and click Next: Add storage.

Step 7

Leave the defaults and click Next:Add Tags

Step 8

Click Next: Configure Security Group

Step 9

Click review and Launch.

Step 10

Review your settings and then click Launch.

Step 11

In the drop down menu select create a new key pair, give the key pair a name and Download the Key Pair, then click launch Instances.

Step 12

Click your instance ID to see the instance.

You should now see your instance.

Step 13

To connect to our instance we will need to convert the key we downloaded, to do so we will use putty and puttygen they can be downloaded form here:

Open puttygen and click Load

Step 14

Navigate to where you downloaded your key, click all files, click on your key and click open.

Step 15

Now click Save Private key, when prompted click yes you want to save without a passphrase.

Step 16

Now open putty and enter your public IP into the host name or IP address field, then expand SSH on the left had side.

Step 17

Click auth and then browse, navigate to where you saved your key and select it.

Step 18

Now click open

Step 19

Click Yes

Step 20

Enter centos as the username and click enter.

You will now be logged in

A full video tutorial can be found here:

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