How to Trust a Certificate on Windows

If you have generated a self signed certificate on windows you may want to trust that certificate to avoid getting certificate warnings when you navigate to your URL in internet explorer or chrome. It is important to note that you should only trust a certificate if you are 100% sure of it’s origin.

Step 1

Open internet explorer as an adminsitror.

Step 2

Navigate to the URL where your self signed cert is, in our case https://localhost.

Step 3

When prompted remove click to continue to the website

Step 4

Click where it says “Certificate Error” and then view certificate.

Step 5

Click install certificate

Step 6

In the screen that appears select local machine and next

Step 7

Select “place all certificates in the following store” and click browse.

Step 8

Select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities and click ok

Step 9

Then click ok, next and finish.

Step 10

Restart internet explorer.

Step 11

Navigate to your website again, the certificate will now be trusted.

A full video tutorial can be found here:

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