Linux Tutorial for Beginners: Navigating the File System

In this short tutorial you will learn the basics of navigating the Linux file system.

By the end of this tutorial you will know how to:

1. Change directory.

2. Print you working directory.

3. List the contents of a directory.

4. Switch quickly between the current and previous directory.


The commands that you need to follow this tutorial are:


  • pwd (print working directory shows the directory that you are currently in)
  • ls (list the contents of the folder)
  • ls Downloads (lists the contents of the downloads folder)
  • Cd / (move back to root (top) level of your operating system)
  • ls -lt (shows newest file first)
  • cd – (switch between the current and previous folder)
  • cd .. (Move back up one directory)
  • cd ~ (moves you to your home folder)


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