How to set up Red Hat on AWS

This blog post will show you how to set up Red hat on AWS.

A full video of the process can be seen below.

  • First log into your AWS account
  • Click Services and then ec2
  • Click launch instance
  • Search for red hat and select red hat 8
  • Select micro instance (it’s free tier)
  • Click next configure instance details
  • Click Next Add storage
  • Click next add tags
  • Click Add tag
  • In the Key field type Name and then type a name in the value field for example darren’s server
  • Click Next: Configure Security group
  • select my IP and click Review and Launch

  • Click launch
  • Select create a new keypair, give it a name and click download keypair.
  •  To connect to our instance we will need to convert the key we downloaded, to do so we will use putty and puttygen they can be downloaded form here:
  • Open puttygen and click Load
  • Navigate to where you downloaded your key, click all files, click on your key and click open.
  • Now click Save Private key, when prompted click yes you want to save without a passphrase.
  • Now open putty and enter your public IP into the host name or IP address field, then expand SSH on the left had side.
  • Click auth and then browse, navigate to where you saved your key and select it.
  • Now click open
  • Click Yes
  • Enter ec2user as the username and click enter.
  • You will now be logged in

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