Moodle: How to use the topics course format

Moodle course pages are split into sections. By default the sections are split into weekly sections and the date of each week displayed. This is known as weekly format. Courses in weekly format look like the screen grab below:



However, this may not always suit as you may only hold classes intermittently or, indeed, you may wish to split your course up by topics.


Step 1

You can do this by looking under course administration and selecting edit settings. Depending on how your administrator as configured Moodle this may exist on the left or right side of the page but the menu will always be the same.



Step 2


In the page that appears select the course format drop-down and change format to topics format. Once you have done this, click save changes.


You will now see that your Moodle course is separated into topics.


Step 3


You can now rename these topics to more suitable names, by first clicking “Turn Editing On” in the upper right of the screen.

Step 4


Next click the wheel symbol under a Topic.



Step 5


Untick “Use default section name” and enter a section name that you have chosen. Then click save changes.


We can now see that topic one is now called introduction.


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