Monthly Archives: September 2020

How to Generate a CSR on CentOS 8

This video will show you how to generate a Certificate Signing Request CSR on CentOS 8.

A CSR is normally sent to a certificate provider who will supply you with a certificate based from the CSR.

This video uses CentOS 8 Linux however the process should be much the same on all Linux operating systems.

The commands in this video are:

  • sudo yum install openssl
  • openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout yourkeyname.key yourdomainname.csr

Unable to open primary script

This Video will show you how to solve the error: unable to open primary script permission denied on Centos 8.

In this video i was trying to install moodle and when i went to access the site, I kept getting an error. In the Apache logs i could see the error: unable to open primary script: ‘Unable to open primary script varwwwhtmlmoodleindex.php (Permission denied)

When i delved into the error i could see that it was selinux was causing the issue.

You can disable selinux on the fly by entering: sudo setenforce 0

but to permanently disable you should edit the/etc/selinux/config file and

set selinux to disabled SELINUX=disabled