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How to Connect To Linux (CentOs 7) Using SSH Keys (Password free authentication) from Windows

This video shows how to log into a CentOs 7 server from a Windows machine using SSH keys. The video will show you how to generate the keys using Putty and then how to configure your CentOS 7 Server to allow you to authenticate into the server.

Putty is available to download from

The commands that you need to follow along with the tutorial are:

sudo mkdir ~/.ssh
sudo chmod 700 ~/.ssh
sudo vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
sudo chown YourUserName:YourUserName ~/.ssh -R
sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

How to Install Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on VMware workstation

This video shows you how to install Microsoft Windows Server 2016 as a Virtual machine in VMWare workstation 12. To follow along with the tutorial you will first need to download the evaluation version of Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft, which is available from their evaluation site:… Once completed, you can follow the steps in the video to install Windows Server 2016.



Linux Tutorial for Beginners: Navigating the File System

In this short tutorial you will learn the basics of navigating the Linux file system.

By the end of this tutorial you will know how to:

1. Change directory.

2. Print you working directory.

3. List the contents of a directory.

4. Switch quickly between the current and previous directory.


The commands that you need to follow this tutorial are:


  • pwd (print working directory shows the directory that you are currently in)
  • ls (list the contents of the folder)
  • ls Downloads (lists the contents of the downloads folder)
  • Cd / (move back to root (top) level of your operating system)
  • ls -lt (shows newest file first)
  • cd – (switch between the current and previous folder)
  • cd .. (Move back up one directory)
  • cd ~ (moves you to your home folder)