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How to Tweet From Python

Step one

Download and install twython, using pip. I’m using python 3 so I typed the command

sudo pip3 install twython



Step 2

Go to and create an account using your Twitter username and password.


Step 3

Click ‘Create New App’

Step 4

Fill in the mandatory fields and click next, if you don’t have a website just pop in a placeholder.


Step 5

Once your app is created you will now will be brought through to a new page, click ‘Key and Access Tokens’.


Step 6

Take note of the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret)


Step 7

You will need to create an access token.



Step 8

You should now see your access tokens, take note of these also.


Step 9

Open up your favorite text editor, I’m using Idle, and enter the following:

from twython import Twython




twitter.update_status(status=’this is a test tweet from a python script!’)


Step 7

Now run your script, if using Idle, you can do this by pressing F5.


Step 8

Check Twitter to make sure your tweet has sent.