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Install God Mode On Windows

“The Windows Master Control Panel shortcut, labeled All Tasks and also called Windows God Mode by bloggers and All Tasks folder by at least one Microsoft developer,[1] is a short-cut to access various control settings in Windows Vista and later operating systems, including Windows 10”

You first need to create a new folder:


You then need to name it exactly with this line:




Hit enter, the icon now changes to god mode.

If you double click into it you see a full list of admin settings:

if you are on windows 10 and god mode is not working please ensure that you have GodMode. in front of the first { and that you are running as an admin account Once this is done, you will then be able to access god mode in windows.


A full video tutorial can be found here:

How to edit the hosts file on Windows Server 2016

Hi there,

The computer file hosts is an operating system file that maps hostnames to IP addresses. You can edit the hosts file in Windows Server 2016 to manually point a host name to an IP address.

Step 1 

Navigate to:


Step 2 

Edit the hosts file in a text editor of your choice. Add the ip address of the machine you want to reach press tab and then enter the name you’d like it to be reachable over.

Save and exit the file.

You will now be able to navigateto that machine via the name you set in the hosts file.

A full video tutorial can be found here:

How to Install VirtualBox guest additions on Windows

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This short tutorial will shows you how to install VirtualBox guest additions on Windows. Guest additions consist of device drivers and system applications that optimize the guest operating system for better performance and usability.

In this tutorial we are using windows server 2016, however this guide should work on most versions of Windows.

First click on Devices and then click insert Guest Additions CD Image

Next navigate to Computer / this PC

Now double click on VirtualBox Guest Additions

We then clicked on the VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64 (if you are running a 32bit system you can select the 32 bit version)

Then simply step through the wizard to complete the installation.

When prompted reboot the system when it is fully rebooted you will have guest additions installed.

A full video tutorial can be found here:

How to Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server 2016

Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) is designed to protect a server from dangerous websites capable to infect system with malware. However it is extremely restrictive and can make many tasks extremely tedious. You can disable it by following the below steps.

Click the start menu and search for server manager

Click on the server manager to open it.

When it opens click on Local Server.

Click on beside IE Enhanced Security Configuration.

In the screen that appears select Off for Administrators and Users. and click OK.



Restart Internet explorer for your changes to take affect.

A full video tutorial can be found here:


How To Delete Pages From a PDF without adobe acrobat (free)

This video tutorial shows you how to delete pages from a PDF for free.


Software such as adobe reader does not allow you to delete pages from PDF documents.


Software such as Adobe Acrobat is expensive.


In this tutorial we use PDF Edit which is a freeware program.


The link for the PDF edit software used in this tutorial is:


This tutorial first shows you how and where to download the pdf edit software for free.


Next it will show you how to install the pdf edit software.


It will then show you how to open a pdf in pdf edit.


It will then show you how to remove / delete pages from a pdf.


After deleting pages from your pdf you will then see how to save your new pdf.


How to Connect To Linux (CentOs 7) Using SSH Keys (Password free authentication) from Windows

This video shows how to log into a CentOs 7 server from a Windows machine using SSH keys. The video will show you how to generate the keys using Putty and then how to configure your CentOS 7 Server to allow you to authenticate into the server.

Putty is available to download from

The commands that you need to follow along with the tutorial are:

sudo mkdir ~/.ssh
sudo chmod 700 ~/.ssh
sudo vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
sudo chown YourUserName:YourUserName ~/.ssh -R
sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

How to Install Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on VMware workstation

This video shows you how to install Microsoft Windows Server 2016 as a Virtual machine in VMWare workstation 12. To follow along with the tutorial you will first need to download the evaluation version of Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft, which is available from their evaluation site:… Once completed, you can follow the steps in the video to install Windows Server 2016.