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How To Install Python 3 on CentOS 7

Subscribe to to get a free Linux Cheat Sheet!  This tutorial shows you how to install Python 3, set up a local programming environment and create your first python program. The commands that you need to follow along with … Continue reading

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Get list of running instances in AWS emailed to you daily.

Say you share an AWS account with a few people and you’re the bill payer. You’d like to keep an eye on the running instances, but logging in each day to check can get tiring, especially if you are out … Continue reading

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Producing HTML links from a CSV Using Python

Recently in work I had to generate a long list of html links from two columns that I had extracted from a MySQL database to a .csv file. The example below shows what steps are needed to generate html urls … Continue reading

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How to Tweet From Python

Step one Download and install twython, using pip. I’m using python 3 so I typed the command sudo pip3 install twython     Step 2 Go to and create an account using your Twitter username and password.   Step … Continue reading

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Python: Searching CSVs and exporting rows based on string macthes

Recently I had a need to search through a CSV log file, that was thousands of rows long and find certain names that existed in the log file and copy these rows to another CSV. I had to do this … Continue reading

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