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How to add a new user to Windows Server

This windows server tutorial will show you how to add a new user to your windows server. in this tutorial we are using windows server 2019 but this should work on most other versions of windows sever including windows server 2016. You will first create a new user and set their password. Next you will add the user to the the administrator groups. Finally you will log in as that user


How to Install Server 2019

This tutorial will show you how to install Windows server 2019. In this tutorial we use Virtual box but if you are installing it on to a physical machine the process will be much the same.

Step 1

Download Windows Server 2019 from here:

Step 2

If using virtual box:

  • Click New
  • Enter a name for your machine.
  • For Type select Microsoft Windows
  • For Version select other.
  • For Memory give 2GB minimum.
  • The click create.

Step 3

In the following screen click next.

Step 4

Right click your machine and click settings.

Step 5

  • Click storage
  • Click the cd symbol on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Navigate to where you downloaded you server 2019 iso and click ok.

Step 6

  • Click you machine name
  • Then click start.

Step 7

When your machine boots select your language and click next.

Step 8

Click install now.

Step 9

In the next screen select – Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation (Desktop Experience) or a different version if you wish to use this one. Then click next.

Step 10

Read and accept the licence and then click next.

Step 11

Click custom: install windows only

Step 12 

Click unallocated space and then click next.

Step 13

Server 2019 will now begin to install

Step 14

When the install is complete you will be asked to enter a password for the administrator account – do so and then click finish.

Step 15

You will then be greeted by the login screen and you have successfully installed server 2019.

A full video tutorial can be found here: