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How to Host a Website on Amazon S3

Amazon AWS S3 is a file storage service on Amazon Web Services. You can also host static websites on S3 quite cheaply and easily. This guide will show you how to host a static website on Amazon s3.

Step 1

You will need to create two files on your local machine – you can download them below:



Step 2

Log into you AWS console go to S3 and click create new bucket. 

Step 3

Give your bucket an unique name and click create.

Step 4

Click the checkbox beside your bucket and then click “Edit Public Access Settings”

Step 5

Leave the defaults as is and click save

Step 6

Type confirm and then click confirm 

Step 7

Click into your bucket and click upload. Upload the index.html and error.html to your bucket.

Step 8

  • Tick the two check boxes 
  • Click Actions
  • Then click make public

Step 9

Click Properties.

Step 10

Then click static Website Hosting

Step 11


  • Use this bucket to host a website.
  • enter index.html for the index document.
  • enter error.html for the error document.
  • then click save. 

Step 12

Click back on static website hosting

Step 13

Now click your website endpoint – you will be brought to your website. 

A full video tutorial can be found here: