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How to set up SQL Server RDS

This AWS RDS tutorial will show you how to set up MS SQL Server on AWS RDS. Amazon RDS is a cloud database that AWS manage all underlying servers for you. You will first see how to set up SQL Server on RDS. Next you will see how to access your SQL server from RDS.

If you need help on installing a server to connect to your SQL box from please see the tutorials below that may help:

How to set up server 2019 on AWS

How to install SSMS on windows

How to add a new user to Windows Server

This windows server tutorial will show you how to add a new user to your windows server. in this tutorial we are using windows server 2019 but this should work on most other versions of windows sever including windows server 2016. You will first create a new user and set their password. Next you will add the user to the the administrator groups. Finally you will log in as that user


How to set up AWS backup

This video will show you how to set up AWS backup. In this video you will see how to backup an EC2 instance on a schedule using AWS backup. You will see how to access AWS backup in the AWS console. You will then create a daily backup plan with a 35 retention period. You will then add a EC2 instance to this backup plan.


Top Five MySQL Commands

As Sys admins we are often tasks with working on multiple and disparate systems we need to know a little about everything to allow use to do our jobs effectively. This post will detail my top five MySQL commands to know – with one bonus command! The commands are:

  1. Create database wordpress;
    1. This command creates a database call wordpress.
  2. Show databases;
    1. The Command shows all databases that reside on the server.
  3. Use wordpress;
    1. Selects the wordpress database for use – all subsequent commands will run the wordpress database.
  4. show tables;
    1. Shows all tables within the current selected database.
  5. select * from courses;
    1. Displays all information from the courses table.
  6. Bonus Command! grant all on WordPress.* to ‘wordpressuser’@’localhost’ identified by ‘wordpresspass’;
    1. Grants all permissions on the WordPress database from the user wordpressuser from the local machine with the password wordpresspass

If you want to see these commands in action check out the youtube video here:

Also be sure to download the cheetsheet here which you can save and print out:


Top Five MySQL Commands

How to Install Ubuntu on AWS

This Ubuntu Linux AWS tutorial will show you how to install Ubuntu on AWS. First you will open EC2 and search for the Ubuntu AMI. You will then step through the wizard to configure connectivity options ensuring that the Ubuntu server has a public IP allowing you to access. You will then generate a key to access your server. Next you will convert that key from pem to ppk using puttygen. Finally you will connect to your Ubuntu instance on AWS using putty Putty & Puttygen are available from: 

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How to learn CentOS

Recently on YouTube I was asked to put together some of the best resources for learning CentOS.

I’ve gathered my top 5 resources below:

  1. How To Forge
    • Some really good tutorials on this site and easy to follow
  2. Digital Ocean
    • I use Digital Ocean to host servers and theior CentOs tutorials are great some are a little old but still of a very high quality
  3. Shameless self plug Darren’s Tech Tutorials
    • Tonnes of CentOs Videos aswell as plenty on windows and AWS
  4. The CentOs wiki
    • Has tonnes of Great information on Centos
  5. Last but not least the official CentOS man pages are a wealth of good information.

The Video below shows me discussing these options

How to set up a billing alarm on AWS

The video will show you how to set up a billing alert on AWS. We will do this by setting the alarm in AWS CloudWatch. To begin you will need to:

  1. log into your AWS account.
  2. Next you will need to navigate to the N Virginia region.
  3. Once in the region you can open Cloud watch t
  4. Then Click on billing
  5. Click create alarm
  6. Select metric
  7. Select USD
  8. Enter the value you want, in our case 100 USD
  9. Click create a new topic and enter you email
  10. Be sure to verify your email
  11. Click next
  12. Give your alarm a name and click next
  13. Click create alarm.

A full video tutorial can be seen here:


How to install Virtual box Guest additions on CentOs 8, ake CentOS 8 full screen in Virtual box

This virtualbox tutorial will show you how to install Virtual box Guest additions on CentOs 8.

When this process is done you will be able to make CentOS 8 full screen in Virtual box, so in affect the video shows how to make Centos 8 full screen in Virtual box.

The command that i run to download the relevant packages are:

sudo yum install tar bzip2 kernel-headers perl gcc make elfutils-libelf-devel